Maryland summer camps and programs for middle schoolers

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By Lisa Snowden McCray

Annapolis mom Jennifer Asquith-Scott says she scrambles every summer to keep her two girls, Daphni, 10, and Sydney, 13, entertained.

In the past, they've kept busy going to local pools and finding other activities, which she can swing because she works from home. But the older they get, the harder it is keep her middle schoolers occupied all summer.

"You really don't want them home alone with their friends, because you don't know what they are up to," Asquith-Scott says.

Summer is a problem for many parents of middle schoolers. The kids complain they are too old for summer camps, but no parent wants to leave them home alone all day long.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to keep kids in the middle occupied during the summer. Check out our list of ideas below, ranging from volunteer work to adventure "camps." String a few together and — voila — most of the summer is covered.


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