Questions Preschool Directors Wish Parents Would Ask

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preschoolWondering what questions to ask a preschool director when looking for a preschool in Maryland for your child?

When parents get beyond, "is there an opening," they often have no idea what question to ask the preschool director next. As a child reaches preschool age, parents face endless options about where to enroll their son or daughter. Will it be near home or work? What is the school’s educational philosophy? What type of preschool curriculum is used? What is the experience of the teachers?

Preschool directors say that all of these factors are important — along with many more. The most surprising thing, says preschool director Vicki De Hamer is when parents don’t have any questions at all.

Here is some advice from preschool directors themselves on just what types of questions are best to ask when searching for a preschool in Maryland.


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