Questions Preschool Directors Wish Parents Would Ask

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Ask about community involvement

“How does the school communicate with parents about their child and school happenings?” asks preschool director Ruth Phillips. Are there parent-teacher conferences? Is there a newsletter? Phillips explains that community building reflects the team efforts of parents and teachers.

“What can parents offer to the school in terms of services? Does their job provide free or discounted items that could be part of an auction?” asks Phillips. Are there opportunities for parents to be involved? Most importantly, can parents visit at any time?

“Parents should be able to drop in at any time,” says De Hamer. “If they can’t, parents need to ask ‘why.’”

Ask about extracurricular activities

Parents should ask preschool directors about extracurricular activities offered. Some special features to look for include: field trips, involvement in the community, music, art, physical education, foreign languages, guest speakers (such as a dentist or zookeeper), health screenings (auditory, visual), and parent workshops for kindergarten readiness.

Ask for references

“I wish more parents would ask for references,” says preschool director Darla Suder. “If they could talk with other parents of the center they would gain insight into the preschool and it could help ease their fears.”

Referrals are often found by talking with parents in playgroups, at the playground or in other children’s activities.

Ask about special needs and financial needs

Does the preschool accept children with special needs? Preschool director Jan Elliott suggests asking, “What is their policy on inclusion?”

Financial need is another area that is occasionally overlooked. Are scholarships available for those who cannot afford full tuition? Does the school offer part-time or hourly pricing for those who do not need full-time care?

Ask about security

Security is more important today than ever before. Does the preschool have only one entrance and exit? Is the play area fenced in to keep young kids from wandering away during recess? What security measures are in place?

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