Questions Preschool Directors Wish Parents Would Ask

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Best questions parents have asked preschool directors

We asked preschools in the area to let us know what was the best question a parent ever asked them and here are some of the responses:

Q. How do I best prepare my child for your preschool?

A. Read to them! – Liz Barclay, past admission director, at Indian Creek School in Crownsville

Q. In a co-op, where parents are involved and working in the classroom, when should a parent interfere with children who are experiencing a conflict?

A. It is literally impossible as the teacher to be involved in every little conflict. I have told parents to contact me if the conflict is more than a child could handle or if she wasn’t sure as to how to handle the conflict! – Lotte Weaver, former teacher at Magothy Cooperative School in Pasadena

Q. What is the turnover rate for the staff?

A. When you see that staff has been employed for an extended time, you understand that relationships have been built within the staff as well as with the children. High turnover shows that there is a management issue and children are less likely to build strong relationships with their caregivers and there is an issue in consistency. It helps get an idea as to the level of teamwork and what kind of relationships your child will develop while at the center. – Alice Anne Loftus, executive director/owner, Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center in Crownsville

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