8 ways to prepare your tot for preschool

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preparing for preschoolBy Tori Mier

Cara Green, of Bowie, recently started sending her 2-year-old son to daycare in hopes that it will prepare him for preschool when he starts next fall. She has two main concerns: potty training and language development.

"I'm hoping that part-time daycare will encourage speech development that will help him be more successful at preschool starting in August 2013," she says.

There are many theories about how to prepare your child for his or her first foray into school, but Maryland preschool directors know best. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and get through the first few days of preschool from directors Beth Dunleavy of St. Andrew by the Bay Preschool and Shawn Berusch of Creative Gardens Learning Center, both in Annapolis.


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