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preschoolDo you have a 1- or 2-year-old who will be off to preschool next year? Wondering the best way to get them ready for school? Here are some tips from Chesapeake Family Facebook followers on how they prepared their kids for success in preschool in Maryland.

Quinnique Jones, from Baltimore, used the educational website which has educational games for kids. She also worked with her kids on alphabet sighting, colors, numbers, and simple addition.

Marie Muse Blackwelder, of Glen Burnie, says she "Prayed for his teachers to see him through my eyes."

Julie Jurkiewicz Davis found a co-op, Colonial Nursery School in Annapolis, that allowed her to be an active participant in her son's classroom routine.

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Carla Keister Burger reads to her kids everyday. "They both started kindergarten at a third grade reading level and it was because we read fun books to them all the time."

Kristy Wilson MacKaben spent a lot of time preparing her oldest child for preschool. Her favorite website was Also, she recommends the Leap Frog "letter factory" DVD series.
"My kids watched that DVD a couple times and knew all their letter sounds before they turned 2.," she says.
When it came to her second child, MacKaben says she didn't put as much effort into preparing him for school. "Luckily, he kind of picked everything up from big sis," she says.

Kellie Hogan Greer sent her son to Rolly Pollies summer camp a few days through the summer to get him used to being away from her in a new place.

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