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Joanne Koster Burton says that her twins are now 8, but when they were preschool aged several people referred her to Faith Baptist Child Development Center in Glen Burnie. She says she stuck her nose in the air but visited several times and her kids graduated PreK-4 from there. They were reading and more than ready for kindergarten. It is somewhere you must tour to appreciate, she says. It is safe and secure and offers a great education.

Marie Muse Blackwelder recommends Ferndale Early Education Center in Glen Burnie. It is wonderful, she says. The staff is great and they have a real love for children.

Lisa Thompson highly recommends St. Johns Nursery School in Linthicum. All three of her children went there for preschool. It is a co-op, so parents are always welcome in the classroom to assist the teacher and children. Children there grow socially and academically. "When my kids went to kindergarten they excelled in all areas and that has remained true through out their years in school," she says. "I still talk to the kids' preschool teachers on FB." The school has many special activities, field trips, hands on learning, Scales and Tales presentations, and much more. "I attribute my kids lifetime of academic success to their years in that preschool," she says.

Danielle Brooks has had a child at Kneseth Israel Nursery School in Annapolis for the past 3 years. She can't say enough about the small, family feel of the school. Staffing is consistent and experienced in childhood development. The class sizes are small, the parents are involved, the rooms are well-stocked and the crafts are so creative. Her kindergartener was well-prepared to read, et al. this year and her 2-year-old surprises her with what he is learning. It's an underappreciated gem here.

Jessica Hamilton Sanders is also extremely pleased with Faith Baptist Child Development Center in Glen Burnie. Her 3-year-old daughter looks forward to going every single day.

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