Baltimore area moms tear up the rink in roller derby - Even the kids love roller derby

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Even the kids love roller derby

Some of the players' kids even inherited their moms' love of skating. Schnitzer's 14-year-old son used to speed skate when he was younger, and Aiyana Watson, of Baltimore, whose skater name is "CC Bang Bang," goes with her 13-year-old son to open skate sessions every Sunday night in Dundalk. But not all of the moms want their kids to follow in their footsteps. Jenny Wilkey, 36, known as "Miss'ippi Queen" on the track, says she would actually prefer for her two sons not to skate.

"It's terrible on the ankles and on the knees, and I'm hoping for soccer scholarships," she says with a laugh.

While the actual sport may not seem family-friendly, the league is very accommodating for families. At home bouts, there is an area beyond the track where kids who aren't interested in watching the game can hula hoop or play. Practices are held at different Baltimore-area skating rinks and encompass a variety of days and times to accommodate players' busy schedules. Schnitzer says the practice flexibility makes it easy to meet the attendance requirement, which is half of the practices leading up to a bout. The ability to choose between playing for a home team or a competitive team lets the moms control how involved they are.

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