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Missing a maternal vibe

Although the physical, butt-bumping sport doesn't exactly give off a maternal vibe, all of the moms love derby for a variety of reasons.

Schnitzer, who got her start with roller derby when she helped create a league in Kansas a few years ago, says she began playing for CCRG after her family moved to Maryland two years ago. Her favorite thing about roller derby is the sense of camaraderie.

"Anywhere you go in the derby world, you have instant friends, instant family," she says. "These girls are my sisters now. They've already helped me through crazy tough times."

The instant friendship base also helped Wilkey when she and her two sons moved to Columbia from Mississippi in 2010. She says the large number of players in the league can be intimidating at first, but as long as you are friendly and somewhat outgoing, it is easy to meet people. Wilkey started playing for the Mississippi Roller Girls in 2006 before transferring to CCRG.

Goldman also emphasized the fitness benefits of the sport.

"The one thing I say to everybody is it is a great activity and a great weight loss plan because it's very physical, and it just keeps you moving," she says.

Back on the track, the bumping and pushing knocks a few players off their feet. As they sprawl out across the floor, their impact with the hard track is cringe worthy. At the speed they are moving, it is doubtful their knee and elbow pads do much to break the fall, yet they pop right back up and quickly get back into the game. Schnitzer says the pain is worth it.

"I like pain, so it works out well," she says. "It's so fast-paced and so different and tough. I like the toughness a lot. I like to be able to say, 'Yeah, I play roller derby.'"

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