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Redesign Ideas for Toddlers

When redesigning your toddler’s room, consider his or her personality and interests and choose a theme. For example, if your child enjoys watching Disney movies, select bedding and accessories that feature the characters he or she loves.

“If you’re choosing specific characters, make sure that items with those characters are available,” says Linda C. Jablon, interior designer of Home Makeovers, LLC. “Check local stores and look online. Don’t promise your child something you can’t deliver. I also recommend keeping items that reflect a specific theme to a minimum, so you can easily replace them when your child gets older. Don’t spend a lot of money on themes that your child will quickly outgrow. It’s better to choose a theme with longevity that matches your child’s personality and stands the test of time—a theme that easily takes your child into the tweens.”

Painting the room-whether you simply add a fresh coat of paint or repaint it an entirely different color—is one of the most budget-friendly ways to redesign a room. Jablon recommends khaki for a boy’s room because it complements red and blue. Celery is a good choice for a girl’s room because it works well with all shades of pink as an accent color.

Whatever color you choose, Goode suggests using semi-gloss or high-gloss paint because they’re easy to clean. Walls in toddlers’ rooms receive a lot of wear and tear. And your child is going to draw on the walls with crayons or markers; it’s inevitable. So keep this fact in mind when selecting paint—even if you always buy washable crayons and markers. If your toddler draws on the walls with regular crayons or markers—perhaps “borrowed” from an older sibling’s room—you don’t want to spend a lot of time scrubbing the walls.

Decals are another inexpensive way to redesign your toddler’s room. They’re easy to apply and are available in a wide variety of themes, such as butterflies, flowers, animals, cars or sports. Toddlers love stickers, so let your child help you apply them on the walls. And since decals are easy to remove, simply replace them when your son or daughter outgrows them or is ready for a change.

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