Redesigning Your Child’s Room on a Budget - Young Children and Tweens

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Redesign Ideas for Young Children and Tweens

As your child gets older, you can redesign his or her room by painting the walls a different color, choosing a new theme, replacing accessories or making other minor changes. Unlike toddlers, young children and tweens should definitely have input in the redesign process. Talk to your child about his or her interests and discuss ideas for updating the appearance of the room.

“Looking at pictures of rooms together is a good way to get ideas flowing,” says Jablon. “You can also cut out pictures and make a collage of ideas. However, consider your child’s age, and don’t overwhelm him or her with too many choices. Do some preliminary research and be ready to offer guidance.”

If you don’t want to paint the room only one color, consider utilizing paint in creative ways. Choosing your child’s favorite theme and painting it on the wall is a great way to make the room truly unique. For example, if your child loves the beach, create a tropical beach scene on the wall by painting the ocean, sand, sky and palm trees. Use decals or painting stamps to add details, such as starfish or shells. Another fun and imaginative way to utilize paint is to create a chalkboard in your child’s room.

“For young children and tweens who want to show off their creativity, I suggest painting a section of one wall with chalkboard paint,” says Goode. “This will provide a place for them to draw or write, and, hopefully, keep them from drawing on the other walls. Young children and tweens should also be encouraged to select the color of the walls, with their parents’ discretion, as well as the comforters, curtains, accent rugs and other accessories.”    

Storage is essential for young children and tweens. So make sure you purchase inexpensive storage bins—perhaps in your child’s favorite color—so he or she can organize toys, books, crayons and other belongings. Storage bins are a great idea because they save space and reduce clutter.

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