Redesigning Your Child’s Room on a Budget - Redesign Ideas for Teens

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Redesign Ideas for Teens

When redesigning your teenager’s room, let him or her make the decisions and help with the work, such as painting. However, make sure that you set specific parameters and establish a budget. If you’re uncomfortable with an idea that your teen suggests, such as painting the room black or putting up posters that you deem inappropriate, try to reach a compromise.

When deciding how you want the room to look, Jablon suggests using an inspiration picture to generate ideas. “Shop together at discount stores or online for items that come close to the picture,” says Jablon. “Let your teen know your budget and view it as an educational process in making your dollar go the farthest.” 

“Look for accessories at consignment shops,” adds Goode. “You can find some really nice—and inexpensive—items. One great way to make accessories look new and unique is to spray paint them in a color that complements your teen’s room. This works really well with furniture, such as chairs.”

Goode also suggests placing corkboard squares on one wall, so your teen can hang photos or artwork. In addition, create a place where your son or daughter can study—whether it’s a comfortable area on the bed with a lot of pillows or a desk. And since teenagers value their privacy, give your teen space.

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