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Getting Started

If you’re planning to redesign your child’s room, consider consulting an interior designer or interior decorator who can offer expertise, guide you in the right direction and help you save money. Perhaps you’re unsure of a color scheme. Or maybe you just don’t know how to get started. An expert can address your concerns and offer advice—suggesting creative ideas that may not have occurred to you. However, if you can’t afford to hire an interior designer or interior decorator or are simply feeling adventurous and want to throw yourself into the project on your own and see how creative you can be, go for it. That’s exactly what Linda Earls, a mother of two from Caroline County, has done throughout the years.    

Her stepson, who is 18, always chose a sport theme for his room, but it evolved over the years to match his changing interests. For example, he hung athletic jerseys and posters on the walls or displayed athletic memorabilia and personal photos. And he always chose the color of paint for his room.   

Earls’ daughter, who is 6, likes Hannah Montana, so she decorated her walls with framed posters and chose purple accessories. When she gets older and wants to change her room, she and her mother can remove the posters and replace the accessories to reflect a new theme and color scheme.

“I believe you should let your children decide how they want their room to look,” says Earls. “The parents should establish a budget, but the children should make all the creative decisions. Their room should reflect their personality and individuality, and they should be proud of it. They should want to show it off to their friends and enjoy spending time there. After all, it’s their room, so it’s an extension of who they are.”

Lisa Lewis is a regular contributor to Chesapeake Family.

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