Tips for undecorating the house and taming the toy haul

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Organizing holiday decorations

  1. Schedule the cleanup. Packing up holiday decorations is no fun, so both Ross and Cooch recommend planning a time to get it done. Break it down into manageable tasks and put on "un-decorating music" to make it more fun, Cooch says. "Decide what would be more enjoyable (or less unpleasant) — including the family in the task or not," Cooch says.
  2. Purge decorations. Anything unused, broken or no longer liked should be tossed, not packed back up, Ross says.
  3. Keep it organized. Put decorations in bins labeled by room or type, such as "living room" or "greenery," Cooch suggests. Purchase specialty organizers for tree ornaments, wreaths, artificial trees and more, Ross adds. "This makes it very easy to put everything away because most holiday decorations have their own dedicated containers," Ross says.
  4. Make the tree a separate task. Take a break between putting the rest of the decorations away and tackling the tree, or do it on a different day, Cooch says.
  5. Refresh the house. Treat yourself to flowering house plants or a pretty wreath for the front door to keep the house from feeling bare after all the decorations are put away.
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