Save Big on Back to School Shopping During Maryland’s Tax-Free Week

The best time to do back-to-school shopping is Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week held this year August 12-18, 2018.

Qualifying articles of clothing and footwear that cost $100 or less are exempt from Maryland's 6 percent sales tax during that week.It doesn't matter how many items are purchased, as long as each one costs $100 or less. Also, the first $40 of a backpack or bookbag purchase will also be tax-free.

Accessories such as purses, briefcases, jewelry and ties are not exempt, and neither is protective sports equipment or pads. Sports uniforms that are not protective are tax-exempt, however. Click here for an alphabetical list of exempt and non-exempt items.

shoppingTax-free week resulted from legislation passed in 2007 that set aside the second week of August as the tax-free week until the legislature revisits the issue.

Some retailers may also offer tax-free deals to consumers on merchandise that doesn't qualify using "Sellers Privilege," but they pay the tax to the state for those items.

Click here for details on Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week.

Updated August 2018

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