All you need to know about fostering a pet in Maryland

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Is pet fostering right for you?

Foster Chloe Josh WJosh Powell savors a nap with Chloe, the dog he and his wife are fostering. Fostering a pet helps save animals’ lives and increases adoption rates. If you’re interested in becoming a foster family, first consider the following:

  • Fostering is a time commitment. Foster families are required to transport pets for regular vet and vaccine appointments, as well as meetings with potential adopters.
  • Fostering can last anywhere from a few days to several months. The average foster period is two to three months.
  • The shelter covers medical expenses, but families are expected to cover day-to-day expenses like food.
  • Foster parents must agree to foster without the intention of adopting and must supervise the animal during any interactions with strangers or children.
  • Foster families must separate their own pets from a foster animal during the first two weeks an animal is brought home.
  • Foster families can say “no” to a potential foster, and they always have the final say in what types of animals they foster, including age, health and behavioral issues.

Where to foster

For more information on fostering programs, contact your local shelter or the following organizations:

Anne Arundel SPCA

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter

Maryland SPCA

Mutts Matter Rescue (Prince George’s County)

Small Miracles Pet Rescue (Howard County)

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