Farm to Table Cooking


What are the benefits of Farm to Table for your family? Farm to Table, or the process of growing and consuming your own food – from the nutritional benefits, to the process, to the recipes, is featured in Kayla Butts’s new Garden to Table cookbook.

A recent study has revealed that Americans now consume 25% more than they did in the 1970s. A big part of American diets consists of refined grains and inflammatory see grains. Corn and soy are in nearly everything that we eat. The average American now eats 77 pounds of sugar in a year.

Kayla answers the following questions:

  • Why is growing, freezing, preserving your own food better?
  • Is DIY food growing in depth and time consuming?
  • Could it be easier than we might think?
  • What do you need to consider?
  • Money- does it save or cost extra to raise your own food?
  • Can the whole-family participate?
  • Can growing your own food cater to all palates and dietary needs/considerations?

Garden to Table is a practical and accessible guide that will show you how to grow a lush home garden, as well as how to preserve, can, and cook easy, healthy recipes from the vegetables you’ve cultivated all year round! No big gardening space or gardening experience needed!