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Share your favorite holiday traditions







Share Your Favorite Family Holiday Tradition with Chesapeake Family!

When it comes to the holidays, every family has it’s own unique traditions. Maybe there is a tradition of going to the same place to chop down the Christmas tree each year or taking out a special menorah and telling the story of it’s past. Chesapeake Family would like to hear about your family’s holiday tradition and what makes them so special to you.

Please take the time to tell us about your tradition in the space provided below. To help celebrate the holidays, we plan to share many of the traditions on our website and a few will be featured in the December issue of Chesapeake Family magazine. Please keep your reflection to less than 500 words and e-mail high resolution photos of your family taking part in the tradition to editor@chesapeakefamily.com.

Voting has ended! Thank you for participating!

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