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Filmsters Academy Film Camp for Kids


WHEN – MAY 1, 2011

FILMSTERS Academy film camp for kids 11-20 celebrates a decade of
moviemaking and 78 short films!

ANNAPOLIS, MD. –  Ten years and 78 short films later, FILMSTERS Academy
summer film camp for kids is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  In the
decade since its inception, the academy has spawned over 25 graduates
who have gotten into the top ten film schools in the country to pursue
their dream of becoming filmmakers.

Enrollment this summer at the popular FILMSTERS Academy is approximately
50 kids, 20 staff and a host of guest professionals from New York, Los
Angeles and Washington, D.C. who are all gather together to teach these
young filmmakers. As per annual tradition, FILMSTERS is inviting
industry professionals to guest teach its young students, among this
years roster are Hollywood Director and A.D. Janet Davidson (Cagney &
Lacey, Judging Amy Remington Steele, Living Hell and Murder She Wrote),
Film Editor Patricia Stern who just cut the new 3-D movie trailer for
the Director’s Guild of America and Director of Photography Gonzalo
Accame who has shot films and television shows for every major TV
network (Extreme Makeover, Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20/20) and Indie film
Director, Trevor White. Davidson will focus on directing actors, White
will work on direction, Accame on lighting and on improving camera
skills and Stern on the editing process with the kids.

FILMSTERS Academy, offers three levels of instruction depending upon age
and experience; Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. All three offer a
comprehensive, experiential ‘hands-on approach’ that teaches teens
the process of the art of filmmaking. Each student will have the
opportunity to conceive, pitch, write, shoot, produce, direct, act in,
write original music for and edit a short film over the course of 5 to14
days depending upon their level of expertise and experience. At the end
of the program, they will present their work to family and friends at
the FILMSTERS Academy film festival held on Friday, August 12th in the
Key School Activity Building. This screening of these ten 5-20 minute
short films are free and open to the public.

The film camp was created by and is taught by award-winning filmmakers
Patti Obrow White and Lee Anderson of Annapolis. An annual event, this
summer’s, FILMSTERS Academy in Annapolis will be held at the Key
School, and will take place for two weeks only from July 30th through
August 12th.

“There’s a real place for this in the community,” says Ms. White,
who’s won many awards for her film work, including three Emmy Awards.
“There are theater camps and acting camps, but no film camps. We are
doing this because we really want to give back to kids in this

Behind the scenes, FILMSTERS Academy has a very experienced and talented
production and teaching team. Award-wining filmmakers Patti Obrow White
and K. Lee Anderson are the supervising instructors or Executive
Producers of each film along with an impressive line up of junior
instructors and working young professionals who are graduates of film
schools such as NYU, New York School for the Arts, University of Texas
at Austin, Savannah College of Art & Design, American University,
Chapman University and others. Some of our instructors who have worked
for Michael Mann, George Clooney, Miramax, Working Title Pictures, MTV,
Renegade Pictures, top talent agencies and TV production companies come
from New York and LA just to work with the kids each year.

“Many of our instructors now, began as students of FILMSTERS Academy.
We have an 85% return rate at film camp. Most kids average 4-5 years of
film camp as they move thru the levels. We are with them as they grow
creatively each year. So not only are we growing young filmmakers and
seeing them get into some of the top film schools in the country;
FILMSTERS Academy has also become a professional network for the junior
staff and young professionals who teach each summer and then move on to
New York or LA. Everyone ends up helping everyone and that is just
great. It is a legacy that keeps on growing. It’s a culture and an
extended family and that is very exciting,” says Lee Anderson,

“If you ask us what we are the most proud of in creating this program,
it would be the fact that we’ve managed to create a 100%
non-competitive, creative learning environment that is just plain
fun,” says White.

“Yes, it is fun, it is organized creative chaos,” adds Anderson.
“Almost anything can happen at film camp. We’ve had lots and lots of
drama, but somehow in the end, we help them get it done in time for the
film festival. The audience is always amazed at the creativity that
comes out of these kids. I hope with all of my heart, that we can keep
it growing and going for another 10 years!”

For additional information and a downloadable registration form, please
visit our website at www.filmstersacademy.com

To view past year’s Annapolis films use the password – “fa” and
the numerical representation of the that year, (e.g. fa2010).

For more information, please contact them via e-mail at
FILMSTERS@filmsters.com or call the office during normal business hours
at 410-263-3023 to register by May 1st.

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