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Exploring Butterflies, Bugs and Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area in Owings Mills is a rare and imperiled eastern U.S. Serpentine Grassland. Join our discussion with Dr. Anahí Espíndola from the University of Maryland to talk about bugs, butterflies and how they all interact. Podcast hosted by Janet Jefferson and edited by Caitlyn Mateik.

We talked about what it takes to be an entomologist; native pollinators and what people can do in their yards to help pollinators; how to handle weed and pest control, and fertilizer; and suggestions on where to see some interesting pollinators, particularly butterflies.

Podcast Version:

Find out more about the Maryland Grows program, which includes great tips on gardening, learning about native plants, and pollinators. The program also features a spanish language extension site!

Listen to more Third Floor Views interviews on topics including talking about race, stress management and more.

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