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First Graders Help Save Monarch Butterflies

rsz_maryThe following Letter to the Editor was recently received from students at Monarch Academy in Glen Burnie. Informational links on how you can help by purchasing cards the kids made (like the one pictured) follow the letter.


Dear Ms. Mary,

The monarch butterfly is unique! Every year they fly more than 2,000 miles to Mexico so they can be warmer.  When they are in Mexico they hibernate in fir trees. Did you know that fir trees are getting cut down because people use the wood to heat their houses and cook food? The deforestation is making it difficult for monarchs to find a place to hibernate and many are dying.

We need monarchs because they pollinate plants. These plants may be food for other animals, or even our own fruits and vegetables.

We are drawing scientific pictures of monarchs and then making them into cards that we will sell. The money will be donated to ECOLIFE Foundation and they will build a stove for a family in Mexico.  A stove costs $120 and will burn less wood and save the fir trees.

We are advocates for the monarch butterfly. Can you help us? Thank you for your time.


The First graders at Monarch Academy Public Charter School


P.S. Here are some links for more information or to help.



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