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First Swim meet, the official start of summer — FranklyStein

JonahIt never really feels like summer until the first swim meet of the season. There’s something about waking the kids up at the crack on a Saturday morning (by barking out a Seal Call — our team mascot, Arf Arf) and rolling onto the pool deck by 7:30 a.m. that warms my heart with the true heat of summer. You may think I’m crazy, but I love it.

This past Saturday were time trials at our pool, an unofficial sort of practice meet. The kids get used to what they are supposed to do without the stress of competition and the parents figure out the various jobs that must be done before the first real meet. I work at clerk of course which means I help line up the kids so they end up in the right event, in the right heat, in the right lane. I never thought my part of the job was very necessary until I stopped briefly last weekend to chat with another clerk-of-course worker for just a minute and two kids ended up missing their heat. Ooops. Good thing it was just a practice meet and there was room in the next heat for them.

Read on for some pictures from the day’s events.

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