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Five Fun Things to do inside today!

We’re all accustomed to staying inside right now, but with today’s weather, we thought some more indoor crafts, challenges and activities would be in order.

Create a Socktopus with this fun activity from the National Aquarium!
Cephalopod literally translates to “head foot” in Greek, and refers a class of marine mollusks including squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses. What better way to celebrate a head-footed creature than by creating a socktopus! All you need for this one is a sock, scissors and a few other things from around the house!

Hero Peeps marshmallow easter candy pink yellow 768x432Peep Challenge!
One of Club SciKidz daily challnenges is to build a Peep boat! Check out a couple of quick videos they put together about buoyancy and then get out those Easter peeps and have some fun!

Harry Potter Escape Room
Wands at the ready! Try out an all-virtual Harry Potter Escape Room! Find more Harry Potter Fun here.

Create a Flip-o-Rama!
Fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants will know all about the fun Flip-o-Ramas inside the books. In this quick tutorial by author Dav Pilkey, your kids can learn how! 

Rainbow Heart SuncatchersCreate a Spring Suncatcher
Neighborhood children are decorating their windows for a little whimsical fun during the coronavirus lockdown. Whether your neighborhood is pinning hearts, Easter eggs or spring flowers in their windows, this simple suncatcher craft will liven up your windows and give passersby a bit of joy.

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