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Five Tips for Virtual School Lessons and Online Etiquette

Take a few minutes to remind your kids of how to behave when starting online schooling again.

Here are some reminders of how to keep your kids on task, on schedule, and following elearning etiquette.

Minimize Distractions

Make sure your kids have a quiet, distraction-free environment for their Google meets or Zoom chats. Whether this requires great headphones or a dedicated spot away from siblings depends on your home space, but try to keep distractions at a minimum.

Aim to keep other kids from being distracted by interesting backgrounds behind your kids, including Zoom filters, toys, and siblings running by or trying to get in on the conversation.

Get Ready for School

You might not have to pack lunches and backpacks, but keeping a routine for your kids to follow before school will help them recognize that school is in session and it’s time to focus. Make sure eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and being prepared with school supplies is a priority every morning.

Listen and Wait Your Turn

This is a tough skill to master for the early elementary school kid set. The urge to reply to friends at will is nearly impossible to resist for little kids, and the lag time in responses makes it harder to hold back. Remind your kids to follow the teacher’s instructions and raise hands when they want to chime in.

No Moving

Aim to keep your kids in one spot for class. A little wiggling is okay, but don’t let them bring their devices to the kitchen for a snack mid-lesson or a tour of the house.

Chat Rules

Oh the side chats. Urge your kids to keep chatting on the side to a minimum. Classes move fast and their one-word responses and quips like ‘huh?’ and ‘hi’ are just clutter as kids try to sort through them and pay attention to the teacher.

—Ann Levelle

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