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Foes of early school start times to lobby AA County school board

startschoollaterThose who support later high school start times are going to the Anne Arundel County Public School Board meeting Nov. 20.

“If we want AACPS to change school start times, now is the time to tell them,” explained Heather Macintosh and Kari Oakes of the Start School Later executive staff in an email. “Please join us Nov. 20th to show your support for healthier school schedules for all our kids.”


Those who wish to speak need to sign up at 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. meeting, and prepare to speak for up to 3 minutes each. Last year 40 people attended the meeting, and about 15 testified, according to Macintosh and Oakes.

“This year we need MORE! If you have an interest in this issue, and want to have an impact on our school board, this is the time,” they said.

Macintosh and Oakes are also asking county residents to sign the petition to start schools later.

“If Montgomery County can get 10,000 signatures in a little over a month, surely Anne Arundel County can add 5,000 before Nov. 20th” they said. “The petition is addressed to our former Superintendent, Kevin Maxwell, and cannot be changed, but that shows how long we’ve been working!”

The Start School Later movement is gathering energy across the country, and in nearby school districts. Anne Arundel County has the earliest start time in the state, and among the earliest in the U.S. The research is clear and the logistics can be solved if the community and our school board works together for the sake of our schools.

Email Macintosh at Heather@startschoollater.net to join the group heading to the school board.

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