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FranklyStein: School’s out and I’m feeling stressed

Today is my kids’ last day of school.

Summer vacation has begun. For them anyway. I’m not so sure about myself.

I used to love summer vacation; no more fights over homework, no more cramming for tests, no more making lunches and driving carpool.

In the good old days, we would go to the pool in the morning and come home in the afternoon for the kids to nap and me to work. It was ideal.

Now there are no naps. There are just more activities, more complications about who needs to be where, when and more likelihood someone will want to do something different.

Last summer I managed to set up a little office on the hill overlooking our swim club. I’d head up in the morning when the kids were at swim team practice and head back down in the afternoon to relax a bit before going home to make dinner. It worked out pretty well. The kids were content as long as they had friends to hang with and I managed to keep on top of work.

This year may be a little more complicated. My oldest is 13 now and has to be at the pool an hour earlier for swim team. I’m not so sure if she and her friends will be content to hang out at the pool all day after arriving at 8 a.m. But I’ve got my fingers crossed because what’s the alternative? Taking her home where she will sit in her room and text all day?

For the first time, I’m having little anxiety attacks about how I’m going to balance my kids needs with my need to get my work done over the summer. And I’m not even talking about the household chores like grocery shopping and laundry.

Anyone out there have any sage advice on how to keep everyone happy and still balance life over the summer? I sure could use some. I’ll let you know how I fare.

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FranklyStein is a blog by Chesapeake Family Magazine editor Betsy Stein who lives in Catonsville with her husband, Chris, and four children, Maggie, 13, Lilly, 11, Adam, 11, and Jonah, 7.

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