FranklyStein: When your brother likes your friend

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I had a big realization this week.

There are going to be times when my son likes one of my daughters’ friends and vice versa, and it’s going to be messy.

It already happened to a small extent last week.

My 11-year-old son decided he liked his twin sister’s good friend so he took it upon himself to “ask her out.” I only heard about it from a third source, another mom who heard about it from her daughter. A few days later, I confirmed it was true. Somehow, his sister had no idea, and she wasn’t too pleased.

It was all pretty harmless, and it ended as soon as my son started getting ribbed by other kids at the pool. But the whole subject got me thinking about what could happen down the road.

If my son is dating one of my daughter’s friends and she spends the night—that’s a little too close for comfort. My husband and I might have to take turns sleeping and keeping watch. And what happens when things go south? Where does that leave the friendship?

There are so many things that never occurred to me when the twins were babies, and I guess it’s a good thing. My head was spinning as it was.

And I guess this isn’t just a twin issue, but a sibling issue. My oldest is just 20 months other than the twins. Her friends could get in the mix too.

All the more reason to ban dating until they are 30.

stein family2

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