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Fun Toys for Summer Fun

Our Favorite Products for Summer 2022

With the warm weather, comes backyard barbecues, outdoor celebrations and trips to the beach. Add more fun to your next adventure or party with these super cool games and toys. They are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Towerball is a variation on cornhole that has kids tossing balls into a pyramid full of holes. It’s a lot of fun and the pyramid is heavy duty plastic. It’s sturdy enough to withstand younger children climbing all over it. It comes with a 4-sided tower, balls and a cloth carrying case so that it’s easy to take to a friend’s house or on a picnic.
Ages 5+


This is a net game – with two nets. I wasn’t sure if kids would like the double net challenge but they quickly figured it out and started a game within minutes. Adults will enjoy the game too. The nets are easy to set up. The entire game, including nets, paddles and two balls come in a handy bag.
Ages 6+

Watermelon Sprinkler

Looking for a different kind of sprinkler to run through in the backyard. This three foot tall watermelon sprinkles water from the top and sides. It’s easy to setup and connects to your garden hose.
Ages 6+

Dinosaur Sand Glove

There are two things that almost all kids enjoy: dinosaurs and digging in the sand. Combine those two and you get a bright green dinosaur chomper that fits via velcro, around a kid’s hand so that the dino can scoop up sand and anything else that is laying hidden below the surface.
Ages 3+

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