Maryland Fall Fun: 6 easy apple crafts, facts, and recipes

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Seedy Past

More than 200 years ago Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees from Ohio to Indiana because he had a dream that no one would ever go hungry. Originally known as John Chapman, this simple-life pioneer slept outdoors, hiked barefoot and wore sackcloth clothing and a tin pot hat, even in the winter! September 26, 1774 marks Johnny Appleseed's birthday—he was born the same month apples are harvested. Although there weren't many apple varieties in his day, thanks to this American legend's fruitful efforts, farmers have been able to develop more than 7,500 different kinds for us to enjoy.

Apple Adventures in Reading

Apple Picking Time by Michele Benoit Slawson

How Do Apples Grow? By Betsy Maestro

Ten Apples Up On Top! By Theo LeSieg

Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins

The Mouse and the Apple by Stephen Butler

The Seasons for Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons


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