Refreshing ideas for backyard fun

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Backyard craft ideas

For a quick outdoor activity fix, check out these easy kids' crafts.

1 – Wilding/walking sticks

Walking stick
Electrical or duct tape in several colors
Yarn strands
Feathers and flowers
Acrylic paint, permanent markers and hot glue – for adults use only – are optional.

Find the perfect walking stick. Then, decorate it with tape, acrylic paints and items from the yard like flowers, pine cones or feathers. Children can use tape or colorful yarn or adults can use hot glue to attach items to the stick.

After the items are attached, children can record summer memories on their sticks with markers.


2 – Sponge Ball

Three ½-by-2 ¾-by-4 ¼ inch new, colorful sponges

With a pen and ruler, make five lines lengthwise on a sponge, each ½ inch apart. Cut the sponge, using the lines as a guide, into six rods. Repeat with other two sponges.

Lay strips on top of each other in three layers, five or six to a layer. Cinch them across the middle with a piece of string. Knot it tightly.

Fluff the pieces out into a ball.

Once done, dunk the sponge balls into buckets of water, find your target and prepare for battle. The best part? These sponge balls can be reused. Just let them air dry overnight.


3 – Coffee Filter Butterfly

Coffee filters
Pipe cleaners
Paper towels
Spray bottle

Smooth out the coffee filter, then draw designs on it with markers.

Fill the spray bottle with water and spray the coffee filter. Let it dry on a paper towel.

Once dry, cinch it through the opening of the clothespin.

Wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around the "head" of the butterfly to make antennae. Draw eyes and a mouth on the head, and your butterfly is ready to fly.


4 – Chalk Paint

Corn starch
Food coloring
Small bowls
Paint brushes

Pour ¼ cup of water into a small mixing bowl and slowly add ¼ cup cornstarch.

Once combined, add drops of food coloring until you get the desired shade. Repeat for each color, and then begin painting.

The paint is brighter once it dries, and it shows up best on sidewalks. Because it's made from food coloring and corn starch, the paint washes away when it rains. It also washes out of clothing.

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