10 Fun Activities for a Snowy Day

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Kids love a snowy day. Not only is school canceled but also there's a good reason to head outside to play. Read on for 5 ideas for winter snow fun outside and 5 more to keep the boredom at bay when then come back inside.

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  1. Build a snow fort—When shoveling the walk or driveway, attempt to pile the excess snow in one general location in the yard. Then have the kids start digging into one side of the snow pile to create an "igloo." They can also roll big snowballs to make the fort larger or pack snow in a bucket and stack the bucket molds. Pack other sandbox molds or gelatin molds for detail around the fort. Build several forts in one yard and stage a gigantic snowball fight.
  2. Make rainbow snowmen—Before going outside, prepare several spray bottles with a mix of food coloring and water. Outside, make snowmen of varying sizes by rolling snowballs and stacking them. When the snowmen are complete, spray each with the colored water. You can either spray each snowman a different color, make them stripped or spotted or spray each ball a different color. You can also use the spray snow "paint" to decorate your fort from No. 1.
  3. Create a snow zoo—Snow animals can be even more fun to make than snow men. Build a snow hippo or a snow bear or even a snow caterpillar that snakes around the whole yard. A snow dragon could also pop out of the snow at various places in the yard.
  4. Take a nature hike in the hood—Go for a "hike" in your neighborhood and have the kids look for animal tracks in the snow. Help them try to identify which animal left the track. Here is an article about animal tracks and questions to help the kids guess what animal it might be.
  5. Have an ice cube scavenger hunt—Freeze ice cubes tinted with food coloring and hide them in the snow around the yard. Once you are done, send the kids on a scavenger hunt to find the ice cubes.

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