10 Fun Activities for a Snowy Day

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  1. Make nature ice ornaments—Get a few food storage containers of different sizes. Have the kids collect nature items from outside such as berries, seeds, small sticks, pine needles, holly leaves etc. Back inside, have them arrange their nature items in the bottom of the container. Drape a piece of yarn in the container with about two inches in the container the rest hanging out — this will be how you hang the ornament. Fill the container until all the items are covered — about half an inch. Put the container in the freezer overnight. In the morning pop out the ice, with the nature items now frozen in it, from the container and hang it from a tree outside.
  2. Make snow cream—Mix 1 cup of milk, a half cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla in a large bowl until the sugar dissolves. Slowly add in 5-7 cups of snow (clean and fluffy, not packed), stirring constantly until it is thick and serve immediately.
  3. Create an indoor fort—Give the kids free license in the family room to move furniture around and provide plenty of blankets for them to drape over and between chairs and couches to create a fun cozy space to camp out in.
  4. Build homemade play dough snowmen—Here are three different recipes for homemade play dough with different ingredients incase your cupboards are slightly bare. Have the kids help make the play dough and then have them make little snowmen to keep in doors. 
  5. Make a snow globe—You can use any type of glass jar with a lid such as baby food, peanut butter, pickle jar or whatever you have. Have the kids find plastic figures and glue one on the bottom of the jar's lid with water resistant or hot melt glue. Cover the bottom of the jar with glitter. Fill the jar with water and stir the glitter so it doesn't clump. Put the lid on the jar, close it and shake. You can add a bit of liquid glycerin if you have it to the water for a thicker consistency.

Originally published in 2014.


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