Hands-on farm fun at Port Discovery

Kids can milk a cow, diagnose a horse with x-rays, play a Chesapeake Bay pinball machine and meet some local farmers all at the new agricultural exhibit at Port Discovery Children's Museum called Here We Grow!

Port discovery Here we grow barn WGeared toward children ages 2 to 10, the exhibit teaches children about the process of farm to table and everything in between, says Ashley Barnett, public relations specialist with Port Discovery which is located in Baltimore.

Open through May 2016, Here We Grow! introduces children to farm processes, products and people through the themes of science and technology, history, local ecology, global economics and art. Plenty of hands-on activities will help kids to learn the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives as well as concepts of agricultural conservation and sustainability, according to a press release from Port Discovery.

In the exhibit kids can:

  • Push a button to watch a video where they “meet” a local farmer, quilter and veterinarian and hear their stories.
  • Watch an endoscopy and see the esophagus, stomach and intestines of a horse.
  • Use an old-fashioned hand-milking technique to race a milking machine to see which is quicker.
  • Sort eggs using various tests including sounds, sight and color.
  • Play games such as Ag Bag, which is like corn hole but requires kids to throw bean bags colored to represent goods into the holes across the state where they are produced.

The exhibit also has a tractor to sit on, a silo filled with books, kiosks for each season and much more. Port Discovery received a $150,000 federal grant to design and build the exhibit.

Admission is $14.95 for everyone ages 2 and older. For details visit portdiscovery.org

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