Holiday Fun Day 6—Chillin' at the Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is giving visitors an early holiday gift with discounted admission!


From December 1 until February 28, 2018, zoo admission will be $10 per person, with children younger than 2 still free. Hours remain 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The zoo is open every day through the end of December, with the exception of Christmas Day.

Take the family to Polar Bear Watch to meet the Zoo's grizzly bear cubs, frolic with the Artic foxes, and see the polar bears, ravens and bald eagles. At Penguin Coast, the African penguins will have outdoor access daily, but they are not the only feathered friends who like winter. Believe it or not, flamingos are just at home in cold weather. On warmer days, the giraffes, rhino, zebra and ostrich will be outside as well.

If a chill in the air starts nipping at your nose, the family can warm up in the Chimpanzee Forest where you can see chimps, colubus monkeys, lemurs and Panamanian golden frogs.

The zoo's tree slide in the Maryland Wilderness is open for use and the Farmyard area will be open weather permitting with sheep, donkeys and alpaca's visible throughout the winter. Rides will open as weather allows and the Whistle Stop Grille will be open with a full menu.

From Jan. 1-Feb. 28, the zoo will be open just four days a week, Friday to Monday. For details visit the Maryland Zoo website  or the  Zoo Facebook page for up-to-date information on the Zoo in the winter, as well as possible weather-related closings.