Crabbing with kids in the Chesapeake Bay nets bushels of fun

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Necessary crabbing gear

String or crab pot/basket.

Long-handled dip net.

Padded work gloves because you'll need to give your catch a quick inspection.

Ruler for measuring crabs.

Bucket with lid.

A damp hand towel to cover the crabs to keep them in the bucket.

Closed-toe shoes, especially for youngsters. Escaping crabs have been known to try to take a finger or toe with them, although Luke Boone says he's never been pinched. The rising fourth grader says, with a glint of mischief in his eyes, that it's that threat of danger actually makes crabbing more fun.

Bait. Klein swears by using chicken necks, but Boone also recommends bull lip and cow tongue. The Feibels use either chicken necks or salted eel. "A crab will eat just about anything," Klein says.

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