5 cool caverns to visit

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Cavern terms to know before you go

D.K Brezinski from the Maryland Geological Survey in Baltimore helped us define a few terms you may need to know about caverns.

Syncline – a concave fold or downward bend in the rock layers where the central part contains the youngest section of rock.

Stalactites – accumulating layers of calcium carbonate that grow downward from the cavern ceiling.

Stalagmites - accumulating layers of calcium carbonate that grow upward from the cavern floor.

Columns – when a stalactite and stalagmite meet creating a continuous formation from floor to ceiling.

Rimstone pool – terrace-like pool of water where layers of carbonate form to create a peripheral rim.

Anthodite cluster – needle-like cave formations.

Flowstone – thin calcite deposits left on a wall as the water flows down.

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