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Gentle Parenting = Balanced Parenting

Gentle Parenting is a term being thrown around quite a bit. Laura Goldstein, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of the Montgomery County Counseling Center talks about what Gentle Parenting, or as she prefers, Balanced Parenting, means.

Balanced Parenting is bringing compassion and emotional well-being to interactions, but it also includes providing a structure and limits for children. Parents need as many coping skills as teens, and children learn their coping skills from adults. All caregivers, parents, grandparents and teachers influence how children cope. All parts the the family impact one another.

Connecting with Kids

As an adult the more you direct a child, the less you connect with that child. When children are young, parents spend a lot of their time directing their kids so that they stay safe. As kids grow into teens the job of a parent changes to connecting with their kids and being a cheerleader, coach and supporting the person their child is becoming – boundaries and limits in place. Join us in this discussion about parents modeling good behavior and bringing empathy and accountability to their children.

You can find more tangible skills and tools for parenting through Laura’s Online Course, Translating Teens: A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Emotions and Behaviors or from direct therapy services at Montgomery County Counseling Center.

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