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’Tis the season for snow and the sharing of sniffles, sneezes, and dare we say, snot. If your child is in day care or preschool, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a vanishing cabinet like in the Harry Potter series to make the germs go away?

A company called ZONO Technologies has the answer. The first ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet has arrived in Anne Arundel County at the recently opened Kiddie Academy in Hanover. This magical answer to every parent’s prayers kills staph, E. coli, hand/foot/mouth and many other viruses without using chemicals.

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The eco-friendly cabinet uses ozone created from ambient air and less than a half-ounce of water to sanitize porous, semi-porous and nonporous surfaces. One 30-minute cycle eliminates odors, and requires no wiping down or rinsing of items prior to use. The manufacturer also states it will not discolor or damage items.

Items as small as crayons, markers, and LEGOs, as well as large items like strollers and car seats are sanitized with ease. Paper and craft supplies, which previously would have to be tossed, can now be cleaned. Stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, and bedding can also be sanitized without having to go into a washer and dryer. Wet sports equipment comes out sanitized and dry.

Kiddie Academy owner Gulnar Patel was interested in acquiring a ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet for the health and safety of her students and staff. The Academy serves families with children from 6 weeks to 12 years, so like in all child care centers, at any given time someone is sniffling. To stay on top of things, classroom items are regularly sanitized.

Patel also extends the sanitizer as a free service to the Academy’s clients. “Families can bring in their car seats or strollers when they pick up or drop off their child and we will sanitize the items for them,” says Patel. While items do not have to be washed down first, if a child has vomited, had an accident, or there is mud or other yuckies, they should be spot cleaned before going into
the cabinet. Patel says families can schedule a tour of the new Kiddie Academy and check out the ZONO sanitizer by calling 410-205-8611 or visiting the Academy’s website, kiddieacademy.com.

—Joyce Heid


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