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Get active for National Preschool Fitness Day

preschool gymIt’s National Preschool Fitness Day! Are you making sure your preschooler is staying fit?

If not, you might want to check out CHALK Preschool Online — a curriculum free for any school, teacher or family. The school offers preschool lessons for ages 2 – 5 that incorporates healthy activity and physical fitness activities for preschoolers as an integral part of the curriculum. The lessons online encourage preschoolers to try recipes for healthy snacks and many of the art, math and science lessons include music, song and movement.

There is no charge to register for the online preschool, which has actual schools in Chicago and Los Angeles. Those schools have partnered with My Gym Enterprises to create a fitness-conscious learning environment program for children 24 months through 5 years. The My Gym/CHALK program features a wellness curriculum that includes nutrition, hygiene for youngsters and the development of healthful lifestyle habits.

“The mission of CHALK has always been to immerse our preschoolers in a curriculum that embraces the whole child, whether they are in our classrooms or using our online preschool program,” said Angela Johnston, Principal of CHALK Preschools. “January 31 is National Preschool Fitness Day so we’re delighted to be introducing the My Gym program to our classrooms this month.”

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