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Get Crafty for Earth Day

Hope you’ve been keeping all of those toilet paper rolls we’re going through right now! Because we’ve rounded up a dozen awesome crafts to do with the kids for Earth Day! All you need for these crafts are a few items from around the house and a desire to reduce and recycle for the good of the planet.

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Birds and the Seeds
Make your own seedling pots or making birdfeeders.

recycled bee craft 3

Reuse your roll of TP for a cute little bee!

resuse eggs

Use up those plastic Easter eggs by repurposing into succulent planters by gluing the outsides of a plastic eggs together, decorating with what you’ve got on hand and planting seeds or succulents!

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Earth Rocks!
Paint Earth Rocks or Earth sun-catchers with these crafty activities from Chesapeake Arts Center!

Nature Cat Create Egg Carton Turtles 6

Turtle, Turtle!
Create adorable turtles out of egg cartons, paint, and pom poms after learning a bit about sea turtles with PBS Kids!

IMG 8579

Make a Spring Jar
Grab a mason jar or other small glass container, and let the kids fill them with ribbons, pom poms, washi tape or other brightly colored craft supplies and see what happens! These are a great way to use up little bits of scrap materials and let the kids use their imaginations!

earth day cookies

Planet Cookie
Whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough, either from a package or a simple recipe like this one. Divide the finished dough in half, and color one half blue and the other half green, loosely combine a bit of both for each cookie ball. Flatten each dough ball with a glass before baking, and voila, you’ve got Earth cookies!

seed bomb

Seed Bomb!
Use up a few around-the-house materials and some seeds, and toss outside to watch lovely flowers grow!

bird finders10 21

Birdfinder Binoculars
Encourage your kids to look out the window and find feathered friends in the yard. These toilet paper roll binoculars make it even more fun!

perler bowl

Perler Bead Bowl
Whether you only use blue and green, or go full rainbow, you can turn the Perler beads in your house into something useful by making simple bowls for the kids to keep trinkets in. All you need are Perler beads, an oven safe bowl and some cooking spray.

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