Get lost in a Maryland corn maze this month

Maryland corn mazes

CornMazeHLGet lost in a Maryland corn maze this month

By Karen Stysley

Last fall, Columbia Girl Scout troop 10057 took on a wildlife trivia challenge with a bit of a twist at Sharp’s Farm corn maze in Brookville, Maryland: get the question wrong and they would wander aimlessly in the depths of the maze.

Fortunately, the kindergarten and first-grade troop members knew their animal facts, which helped them find their way out.

“They didn’t have to rely on the adults to tell them what to do. That’s pretty empowering,” says Christie Lassen, Columbia mom and co-leader of the troop.

It took the girls less than an hour to make it through together. They also went on a hayride, saw some animals and earned a patch for their sashes.

It’s the time of year again for the challenge of navigating a freshly cut corn maze. Whether your family wants to decipher clues, follow maps or just meander through, corn mazes are the perfect fall fun for the family. Click here for a story on 5 fantastic corn mazes in MD for the family