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Getting crushed by the Christmas crunch — FranklyStein

I just went back in the calendar to see if there were more weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year but there weren’t. There probably never are, but this year I feel like I’ve been shorted a weekend or two. I’m not in a good place at all.

Lilly concertLilly in her hemmed concert dress infront of the only decoration up so far. (One I never took down last year).For the first time in a long time, I am dreadfully behind. The tree is not up, the decorations are not out, cookies haven’t been made, lists aren’t completed, presents haven’t been bought, and I have one weekend to get that all done. Yikes.

This truth hit me on Monday. I came home from work a bundle of stress. Aside from the shopping, decorating and baking that needed to get underway — I had to make a silly Christmas decoration for the work holiday party Tuesday and hem Lilly’s chorus dress for a concert Tuesday night.

On his way out the door for a workout, my husband asked if he could make egg nog that night. Instead, I tasked him with the hemming. I figured he could just duct tape the dress for the concert, and I would get to a seamstress later. He, however, had grander plans. My husband actually knows how to sew. A number of years ago, he gave me a sewing machine for Christmas because he felt every household should have one. I have never touched it.

When he got home, he pulled out the machine and went to work figuring out how to hem a long, a-line concert dress. He wasn’t all that happy about it, but he held his tongue for the most part. I kept reminding him he could just duct tape the thing, but he kept at it. After a little over an hour, he’d finished. I was quite impressed.

Meanwhile, I made my work decoration, ordered gifts for several extended family members and took stock of what I’d already bought and what I still needed to get. The still-to-get list was uncomfortably long.

So it’s going to be a crazy weekend. Even though I love shopping, decorating and baking, I don’t love anything when I’m rushed and stressed.

Next year I’m starting earlier. Maybe instead of getting annoyed when the Christmas decorations start filling store shelves in October — I should take it as a sign.

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FranklyStein is a blog by Chesapeake Family Magazine editor Betsy Stein who lives in Catonsville with her husband, Chris, and four children, Maggie, 16, Lilly, 15, Adam, 15, and Jonah, 11.


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