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ThinkstockPhotos 889811608Every year I start out my holiday shopping with a list. It’s reasonable. I make a list of the people I will give to. It’s dwindled as people have passed. I vow not to spend a ton of money. I tell my kids to make a list of three things and then I start shopping—on line and in stores. I even set the amount of money I will spend.

But little by little my children will send a text or email with the picture of one more gift they would like to receive. I cave. Then it dawns on me that perhaps my gifts for them are a bit lop-sided. Did I spend the same amount on each one? Do they have an equal amount of gifts? Then I end up going to the store for a few more things. Maybe even throw in some money. It’s ridiculous.

I have gotten much better about shopping on-line. When on-line shopping was just getting popular I was terrible. It took me about an hour to buy one thing. That’s because I would get my credit card number wrong, forget passwords, and more. Now I am a pro. Amazon has saved my life. There’s also something very exciting about having all of those boxes delivered to your house or work.

My husband and I have gotten to the point where we don’t really buy each other gifts or say we won’t. He buys himself things all year long and lately has been buying himself coats and other miscellaneous things. So that makes it difficult to find him something he might like. To date I have bought him one gift—those trendy colorful socks that I have a feeling he won’t wear. I tell him not to get me anything and then he send the girls to the store with money to purchase gifts for me. Oh and a few weeks ago he bought me a coat.

Why can’t people stick to their word? It becomes guilt giving at some point. You’ve heard me say more than once how much I don’t care what people think. Well, this time year I kind of care about what some of the picky people will think of my gift. I have some in-laws who like all things designer. So I try to find gifts they like that won’t break the bank. I actually found some $20 gifts at the Coach Outlet. And they are cute bags.

I like giving gifts but the work that goes into it can be tedious. One of these holidays I vow that instead of gifts we are going on a vacation and that will be all the gifting we need. Since we won’t be in town, I won’t have to buy any gifts. Why can’t Christmas truly just be about having a tree, baking cookies and enjoying the company family and friends? No gifts.

I do like giving but it can all be a pain in the you know what. Back to shopping on-line.

Lisa Robinson is the mother of two amazing young women. She is a freelance writer for several Baltimore area magazines, including Chesapeake Family Life. Lisa works as a news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore. When she’s not dealing with the drama of her two daughters, she’s busy cooking, working out, hosting her friends for get-to-getters, reading, and writing a non-fiction book. Lisa is one of the funniest people you’ll get to know. She relishes in saying the things others are afraid to. You can catch up with Lisa here and on Facebook and Twitter.

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