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Gifts Mom Will Really Love

Mother’s Day is approaching fast and mom’s are always playing multiple rolls in our lives, but even more so since the pandemic hit. They are out here killing it not only by being the best mom ever but teacher, counselor, therapist, boss lady, and so much more. So we looked around for some de-stressing gifts and some life hacks to make mom’s day a little easier and gifts that will give mom pockets of joy throughout the day. Check out our shopable gifts mom will really love below.

Handbag illuminator with charging power

Cut down on The Great Purse Search with this handy, rechargeable bag light.


$35.95 click here to purchase.

Sleep stone mask

Sleep stone mask that doubles as a light and noise canceler

Supremely comfortable, light-blocking and sound-muffling, the Sleep Stone Mask has a hidden pocket to hold a smooth crystal over the third eye chakra.

Choose a Sleep Stone crystal from 4 options:
1. Amethyst for calming, grounding, self love and healing
2. Purple Fluorite for intuition, clarity, immunity and healing
3. Blue Lace Agate for safety, security, balance and grounding
4. Rose Quartz for the release of stress, gentleness and pure love


$64.00 click here to purchase.

Explorer Box

A sustainable coffee subscription she can personalize

Her initial gift will be 5 coffees from around the world, from there she can tailor the subscription to her tastes. All deliveries are personalized with her name. This is the only subscription with a weekly Mystery Tasting Experience. There is also a Virtual Tasting Party available.


$117 For the 10 oz Explorer Box and 5 deliveries shipped every month. One time purchase.

The Birth Chart Book

A fully personalized and unique reading of her birth chart

A beautiful, made-to-order book that illustrates your mom’s unique astrological birth chart — the map of the stars and planets at the exact moment your mom was born. With over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, you’ll uncover secrets and insights about her life and personality. Written with psychic intuition and charm, each page offers a deep reading into who she is and what her future holds. Books require one week to process so get those orders in!


$95 click here to purchase.

Blooming Lollipops

Eight all-natural botanical flavors on seed-filled sticks. Savor creative yet delicious combinations like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil, then plant the whole stick—the seeds are embedded right in it—to grow the herb or flower. Next, tap into some patience: in about three months, with the right care, mom will have an edible plant. Farm to table, then back again—what a memorable treat.


$20 click here to purchase.

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

Over 100 exceptional and influential women describe how they embraced their creative spirit, overcame adversity, and sparked a global movement of entrepreneurship. Media titans and ceramicists, hoteliers and tattoo artists, comedians and architects—taken together, these profiles paint a beautiful picture of what happens when we pursue our passions and dreams.


$20 click here to purchase.

Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge

Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge

Grab this for mom so she can conveniently store her skincare, personal care & beauty product faves! From moisturizers to masks… serums to creams…& everything in between!


$50 click here to purchase.

—Jenny Cardoza

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