Gifts Teachers Actually Asked For


It’s that time of year, mom’s everywhere start to panic trying to find the perfect teacher gift. So we asked a few teachers what they would like this year.

Many teachers stated that gifts aren’t necessary and that the cute punny gift ideas on Pinterest, while are clever, aren’t what they need or want.

Check out some of the top teacher asks below and click thru to shop any of the items.

Stick to basics.

Teachers have a style, just like all of us. So instead of purchasing them something in your style that you think they’d like, stick to the basics that they need. Some helpful items teacher’s could use include Sit Spots, which are a creative seating chart tool, label makers, stickers or laminators.


Stock the classroom

Besides the students themeselves, teachers hold their classroom supplies close to their heart. So much so that often they have to pay for their own. So a great gift to them, would be to supply them with what their classroom needs. No time to ask what supplies they need? Clorox wipes, bulk tissues, hand sanitizers are the answer. It’s the end of the year and everything needs to be disinfected.




Destress the teacher

Our educators hang out with our kids all day, and lets be honest, its not always a slice of heaven being around our angels for hours at a stretch and days at a time. So grab something to help soothe the soul of the person teaching your kid math problems that we don’t know the answer to. Aromatherapy therapy is a greaat stress reducer and can be done simultaneously while teaching through diffusers or lotion.



Teachers love fun, too

That’s right, teachers actually have a life outside the classroom so grab them a gift card to the movies. This is a great gift to pitch in with some other parents on and to present it in a gift basket with popcorn and candy.


Write something

The best and most mentioned gift of all was a note from the student to the teacher. It is a cost effective, personal touch and that means the most to them. Educators are here to help our kids succeed and seeing the progress and thoughtfulness in a hand written note will always be a big win for everyone.

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