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Golf’s Lessons For My Children

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Golf Now
Even at a recreational level the game of golf is a test of patience, careful analysis and planning. Golf in Maryland is no exception. Sure there’s that whole swing the club, hit the ball and find the hole bit, but success is often not defined by who hit the ball better, but rather by who made the better miss and who avoided all the trouble. Golf lessons teach children the fundamentals of a game that can provide them with livelong enjoyment.

In a game of golf, three poor shots and one good putt can make par, but one really bad shot and three good ones will easily make bogey.  As in life, the more we review our situation, take our time to make a proper decision and follow the safest route, the more likely we are to come away unscathed.

As a parent, I take my children golfing regularly not only to teach them the game, but to show them the lessons that the game can teach them about life. For a list of Maryland golf courses, click on Golf Now.

As a country of millions of sports fans we get caught up in zillion dollar contracts, big trade deadlines deals and latest #1 draft picks.  Golf’s uniqueness as a sport is its consistency.  You, the ball and that hole are there for every shot and you are the sole person responsible for the outcome of each swing, each round and the legitimacy of every number your scribble on the scorecard.  No other sport requires integrity and honesty for it to be played correctly.  It’s the only game where you penalize yourself even when no one was there to see you make the mistake.

The charm of the game of golf that I want my children to understand is that no day is going to be the same as the previous.  The ball that bounced out off the tree and back into the fairway yesterday will surely burrow deep into the woods todays.  Your true test is how you recover from that mistake, avoid making it the next time around and keep your cool so that the mistake does not ruin your entire day.

Perfection is impossible in golf, as it is with life.  We always could have made one more putt, hit one more fairway or avoided trouble one more time.  But, tomorrow affords us the opportunity to wake up and try it all over again. More often than not, it’s not the number at the end of the scorecard that determines if our day was successful, but rather how we applied the lessons we learned the previous day.

Ok…what choice did I make that got me stuck in this 14 foot deep bunker?  How am I going to recover from this and how will I avoid ever being in here again?!

Some of the most valuable traits I want my children to understand and exemplify can be learned between the first tee box and the 18th green.  The kind of lessons I don’t have to force on them, just merely guide them in the right direction, let them learn to make wise decisions on their own and offer them advice as someone who’s seen many more of the curveballs that golf and life will throw at you.   In the end, this game always affords you a chance to do better the next day, to learn from what you did the previous day and to show class even on your worst day.  Even when we struggle it just takes one great shot to turn us around.  

If you’re looking to play in Maryland, Golf Now has a nice selection of courses to choose from. They range from beginner to expert—either way, you’ll learn a thing or two!

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