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“Grace’s law” cyber-bullying bill passes in the Maryland House

cyber-bullyingA cyber-bullying bill named after a Maryland high schooler who took her own life last year after being harassed on social media sites is one step closer to becoming a law, after the House of Delegates voted unanimously Saturday to pass the bill.

The bill, called “Grace’s law,” would crack down on cyber-bullies in Maryland by taking the current cyber harassment law that applies only to harassment via email and expanding it to apply to harassment on social media as well. The next step for the bill is to await the Senate’s approval.

The bill states that a person cannot use a social media site to intentionally inflicts “serious emotional distress on a minor or place a minor in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury.” A conviction of the misdemeanor would carry a penalty of up to a year imprisonment or a fine of up to $500.

By Hannah Anderson

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