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Great hints on what dads want for Father’s Day

FathersDay CarlosCarlos and Keegan Cardoza.Wondering what an ideal Father’s Day looks like? The staff at Chesapeake Family asked their husbands how they wanted to spend the day on June 19. This is what they had to say:

“Going to Bass Pro Shops for the day, looking around and shopping.”
Carlos Cardoza, husband of Jenny Patrick C., art director

“The perfect Father’s Day would start with a big breakfast, followed by a nap and a massage and an afternoon of golf.”
Chuck Doerr, husband of Michelle Doerr, ad sales

“I would love a backyard barbecue, when I don’t have to cook, with a cold beer and time with my kids. And, not have to clean up!”
Mohamed Tarawali, husband of Melissa Tarawali, ad sales

FathersDay MichaelMichael Kovacs with kids Juliet and Benjamin.“A great Father’s Day would be to wake up to a pot of coffee and actually be able to drink it while it is still hot! Then brunch and a trip to the gym where they have family-friendly workouts that we can all do together. A yummy dinner and a board games with friends later that night would be a perfect way to end the day.”
Michael Kovacs, husband of Claire Kovacs, office manager

“A nice day out with my family, where I make the agenda and everyone goes along without complaints.”
Mike Jeffries, husband of Jen Jeffries, ad sales

“A run or bike ride with my wife, a meal out with the whole family (either breakfast, lunch or dinner), the kids cleaning up from the other two meals, and a good drink at the end of the day.”
Chris Stein, husband of Betsy Stein, editor

Click here for a list of Father’s Day activities.

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