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Great indoor fun for at Child Playtime and Swellness Center — Mommy Daze

SwellnesCenter01It’s still freezing cold outside, the kids still have too much energy and spring is still not here. Time for a trip to another of our favorite places for kids to play and learn: Child Playtime and Swellness Center in Columbia.

As with many new places, we discovered this gem through a discount coupon deal when they first opened. It’s located in a business park and can be a little tricky to find the first time you visit. Once in the door, you’re greeted by a cozy lobby and friendly staff. Kids and parents remove their shoes (but moms and dads, remember to wear socks, otherwise you’ll have to buy a pair) and enter into a colorful, adorably decorated, wonderland of every possible play item your child could dream of.

The first main room you walk into is long and split up into various themed play areas, including a kitchen, grocery store, play tents and tunnels, puzzles, puppet theater and so much more. At the very back is a large area with tables for crafts, coloring or snacking. Aprons are available and there are lots of supplies to use.

Off of the main area, there are four themed rooms. One of our favorites is all about music. It’s filled with small toy pianos, guitars, drums, shakers and lots of other music-making fun. I love that there are so many different instruments to choose from but also multiple of the same instrument, so you don’t have too much fighting.

The vehicle room is also popular, with tons of different Cozy Coupe-style cars and little trikes to ride on. The walls are lined with toy vehicles and there is a small train table in the corner. This room is all about getting your cruise on and the kids love it in there!SwellnessCenter02

Tucked away near the restrooms is a room for builders, stocked with different types of blocks, toy bricks, tools and everything a budding architect could want. We seriously didn’t even know this room existed the first couple times we went, but I’m glad it’s a little off from the main area as the hammering my son does in there would get old quickly for those in the other rooms.

Near the front is a special room for the crawlers and little ones, with infant-appropriate toys and soft areas for tummy time.

All of the toys here are excellent quality and are kept in great condition. It seems that no expense was spared in getting this place going. The entire facility is carpeted and covered with colorful kid-friendly rugs and foam mats. The walls are vibrantly decorated with whimsical pictures and decorations. Every area has shelves of books. Each room has chairs for parents to sit if needed, and comfortable couches are placed all throughout. When Luke was small, I could nurse him on one of the couches and pretty easily keep an eye on James.

My favorite aspect of the Child Playtime and Swellness Center is that it creates a fun environment for kids to play together, learn to share and be creative! Every time we go, the kids and I find something new to enjoy.

Child Playtime and Swellness Center is open Monday through Friday. Drop-in cost is $10 per child over 6 months old. There are discounted multi-visit punch cards available. It’s located at 8940 Route 108 (Old Annapolis Road) Suite F.

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 3-year-old James and 1-year-old Luke.

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