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Head to Southeast Olney Park this weekend!

We ventured to Olney for a visit to this fun playground recently. It wasn’t a hidden
playground but I could totally see why. My pictures show a deserted playground
but by the time we left, there were a handful of families.

Initial Impressions

It is a nice set-up. One of the perks of the set-up is it large enough to spread out
but at the same time you can see all parts of the playground from certain spots
(perk for a parent juggling multiple kids). There is also a gazebo with a picnic
table nearby to get some shade.

Give me the Details

There were two main playground structures- one for the older kids and one of the
younger tots. The older kid structure connected to a huge spider web rope
structure. It was very cool. Older kids would find it challenging and my 4 yo
toddler loved exploring it. There were also a rock climbing wall, a huge tunnel
slide and a triple slide on the first structure. The younger kid structure has 2
slides, a telescope to look out and stairs to climb. Two bonus pieces of
equipment were the “car” to ride in and the zipline swing contraception (child sits
on a swing that can be pushed on ziplines).

Don’t forget your Sneakers!

Note: ground is mulch so don’t wear sandals. Overall, it was a really great
playground. So much to do. My 2 year old favorite part was probably running up
the hill next to the playground and across the big soccer field. There is a
basketball court as well. Enjoy!

Southeast Olney Park
17600 Buehler Rd, Olney MD 20832

Quick stats:

Bathrooms: Didn’t see any!
Parking: Yes (parking lot, easy to find a spot on weekday morning)
Picnic Benches: gazebo with picnic table under it
Swings: Yes (separate section for swings)
People Traffic: Not a hidden playground but didn’t feel overcrowded. (started off
2-3 families and when we left it was more like 5-6 families)
Nearby Food: Ledo Pizza, Olney Grille, Taco Bar Olney, California Tortilla

Let us know if you have any playground suggestions for us to check out in Maryland via our social media or email artdirector@jecoannapolis.com.

Katrina is a Maryland mom of two toddlers and has become an avid playground
explorer since the playgrounds re-opened during the pandemic. You can follow
along with her visits at @marylandkiddos. She enjoys reading, music and walks
outdoors. Recently she has combined her experience as a parent with her
master’s degree in psychology to launch a new page @connectingwithkatrina,
which aims to connect parents and children to nature and their emotional health
through virtual and in-person guides and classes.

The #1 parenting resource in Maryland.
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